Termites have a great ability to cause destructive effects in buildings, installations, floors, doors and furniture, and it is also able to attack silos where grain, wheat and corn are located, so when they appear, it is necessary to strive very quickly and seriously to combat them in every way.

It also represents a great harm to the environment because it attacks trees and feeds on leaves, which causes damage and drought, so its elimination and care to combat it is an important necessity.

Quick Response Company provides excellent 24-hour services to eliminate the termite pest and its disasters that threaten the green and dry land

Quick Response Company to combat termites and its Risks


If you are the owner of a facility, whether a house, a factory or a commercial entity, your most important investment may become at risk because termite meal is preferred to buildings and facilities where it can cause severe damage in a short period of time.

His main food source is cellulose found in wood, and his search for wood endangers the building, termites feed and eat for 24 hours non-stop, so Quick Response company provided ideal solutions to eliminate termites and prevent their appearance from the beginning 

The  methods of prevention, which are as follows:


Fighting termites before starting the construction of the building

At the beginning, before the construction of any building, we have to do soil insulation and termite spraying, it is an essential and necessary factor for the future prevention of termite infestation.


Termite control after the construction of the building 


If it has already happened and the building is infected with termites, we can control this problem by spraying termicides under the building structure by drilling and injecting.


Dear reader, in order to be able to deal with the termite control service and follow the instructions, procedures and preventive methods, you must be familiar with information about termites, their risks and types . 

which are as follows:


Types and denominations of termites


There are many types of termites, but there are certain types that are more common, which are as follows:


The first type is called dry wood ants

This type of termite appears on windows in homes, institutions and wooden doors, this type requires great effort to combat it by rapid injection, it must be combated as soon as it appears because of its rapid spread in buildings and the destruction of wood.


The second type is called formsan ants

This species appears on walls as well as in woods, and its problem is its rapid spread and needs permanent maintenance after processing because of its large numbers, especially if it appears large for the first time.


The third type is called Damis

This species feeds on cellulose found in wood and has the ability to destroy buildings, so specialists are required to deal with this species.


The fifth type is called ground termites

This species lives in colonies or groups and feeds on wood, this species can dig underground tunnels up to 45 meters long, this species is especially widespread in the USA, studies show that 95% of losses are caused by this type of termites.


The sixth type is called wet wood ants

This species lives inside damp wood and its appearance occurs as a result of plumbing problems.this species is found on the Pacific coasts and South Florida, but its damage is limited.

denominations of termites

And now, having mentioned the types of termites, their places and the problems they cause, we will talk about its denominations, which consist of:



It is the ant that is the main responsible for accidents and disasters that occur as a result of the spread of termites, it feeds the entire colony with all its sects, amounting to about 97% of the number of termites in the entire colony, it does not see, its color is pale and sterile.

The soldier

It is the Ant responsible in the colony for guarding and protection, it has a strong, serrated jaw and light color, its percentage is from 1% to 3%.


Winged fertile sexual individuals

This species appears in autumn and spring and its color is light and it has eyes that see it is not like the rest of the previous species, this species turns into Queens and Kings after that to make new colonies.


The Queen

It produces from the type of winged fertile sexual individuals and is a single queen of the whole colony, which serves to bind the castes of the colony together and produces about 6 eggs per minute, and only one king lives in the colony.


Manifestations and signs of termite infestation

There are signs and indications that this place has spread termites and it is necessary to move quickly to combat and eliminate it, and the signs of infection include the following:

  1. The appearance of termite wings, which are thin wings that are scattered in large numbers on wooden doors and windows.
  2. The appearance of clay pipes on the edges of the doors, these pipes are used by termites to dig under the ground, which makes you hurry to ask specialists to combat and eliminate it.
  3. The appearance of small holes  on wooden doors and their meaning is the beginning of the complete exit of the insect from them.
  4. Wood is corroded internally because termites feed on cellulose.
  5. The presence of white powder on the ground next to the wooden pieces and their color depends on the type of wood.
  6. Yellowing of infected trees and the appearance of clay lumps on their trunk.
  7. The collapse and disintegration of adobe walls as a result of termite feeding on hay slats.


perfect solution to eliminate termites

When these signs appear, do not hesitate and contact quick response company, they are the perfect solution to eliminate termites.


Natural methods of combating termites

God did not create a problem only and found a solution with it, so there are several natural ways to eliminate the phenomenon of termites, including these methods:


The use of orange oil

Orange oil contains among its compounds the element limonene, which is an active compound that has great effectiveness in combating and eliminating termites, orange oil is placed in the small holes in the wood and this process is repeated every period until it disappears completely.


The use of neem oil

Neem oil is considered one of the effective oils in the fight against termites and is sprayed directly on it, and this process must be repeated constantly to ensure the effectiveness of this oil.


The use of white vinegar

In order to give termites effectiveness in eliminating termites, an amount of vinegar is mixed with lemon juice, the mixture is placed in a spray bottle and the places are sprayed with it to eliminate termites, and this process is repeated twice a day for 9 days.


The use of hot pepper

A quantity of chili powder is sprinkled on the termite-infested areas and the process is repeated continuously.


The use of salt

The salt is dissolved with the proportion of lukewarm water and the holes in which there are termites are injected, the process is repeated several times.

With all these methods, whether natural or chemical, quick response remains the ideal solution to combat and eliminate termites.


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