QUICK RESPONSE collaborates with world leaders in rodent control technologies to
use high-quality rodenticides and other rodent control products.

1- Mouse Trapping

Our large group of baits are secured and distributed through bait stations as part of a customized mouse control program for homes and businesses. Mice can access the mouse bait or rodenticide located in the bait station, providing an effective solution to the mouse problem.

2- Glue Mouse Traps

QUICK RESPONSE uses glue traps made from the best available adhesive formula designed to prevent hardening that can reduce effectiveness. The glue traps used are non-toxic and safe for use inside and around homes and businesses. They are specially scented to attract mice, rats, snakes, cockroaches, spiders, and even unwanted insects
and are designed for easy removal from your living or work areas.

3- Surprise Mouse Traps

The surprise mouse traps used by the QUICK RESPONSE team are the fastest and easiest to use among the available snap traps. These traps have gripping teeth for extra holding power and a bait container that is easy to access. They are designed with a sensitive trigger for quick and efficient capture. These traps provide a durable structure to ensure their longevity.