Rodent control

Rodents pose a danger to public health, cause damage to the infrastructure of buildings and installations. They come through small holes in walls and floors, live in damp and dark places, cause damage to cables, electrical wires and electronic devices.


If your organization suffers from a rodent pest, then you need a specialized company that uses high-quality pesticides and can reach you within 24 hours to evaporate your problem within minutes and be ready for emergencies, so quick response is "undoubtedly your best choice".

What are rodents

What are rodents And what are their types And is it very dangerous These are the most important questions that come to your mind just because you hear the word rodent . Rodents are mammalian animals that belong to the order of rodents and are famous for having very sharp teeth and sharp claws in the feet. Rodents are found all over the world, their species differ in shape, size, behavior and nutrition.

The most common rodent species

Here are some of the most common types in small and large enterprises and companies:


1-house mice

they are the most common types of rodents in urban areas, and they feed on a wide range of food, and they abound in dark and humid places, and although they are called house mice, they always invade large companies and medical institutions.



famous for being one of the most harmful rodents to public health, they are spread all over the world, feeding on a wide variety of food.


You may have doubts about the presence of rats in your company or organization permanently or intermittently, so I must tell you about the life cycle of rats, there are always 5-10 rats per birth and 3-6 births per year.

The gestation period is always about 3 weeks.

It is always 12-16 weeks from birth to maturity and readiness for reproduction.


The most affected institutions from the pest of mice are food and grain factories, the favorite food of mice in general is grain, and its favorite place to hide is always sewage networks.  Not only that, mice are known to spread infections such as salmonellosis, the hantavirus and primatosis : mice also transmit tapeworms and fungal skin infections.  Mice are also known to introduce secondary insects into your premises, such as fleas and stinging mites.

How to infer the existence of that little gray enemy

There are many signs confirming the presence of rodents and mice somewhere, these signs include:

1-pits and holes: rodents and mice leave holes and pits in walls, floors and ceilings, and this is a strong evidence of their presence in the place.

2-sounds: the sounds of rodents and mice can be heard, especially at night, as the sounds of teeth chattering, movements and crowding are heard.

3-odors: rodents and mice emit unpleasant and annoying odors, especially when they leave their contaminated fingerprints on surfaces, foods and other materials.

4-animal evidence: food residues and animal residues can be found in places visited by rodents and mice, such as drawers, cabinets and pantries.

5-structural damage: rodents and mice cause structural damage to buildings, floors and ceilings, this indicates their presence in the place.

6-health damage: diseases, bacteria and viruses can spread in the place where rodents and mice hang out, and this indicates their presence in the place.


In factories and health institutions, medical instruments and sensitive materials can be affected by the presence of rodents and mice, and this is a danger to public health and safety. Therefore, large enterprises and companies should look for these signs and take the necessary measures to protect the place, workers and customers.

In general, it can be argued that the presence of rodents poses a danger to public health and safety, represents a threat to the practical and economic environment. Therefore, large enterprises and companies should look for the necessary solutions to identify, control and reduce the risk of rodents and mice and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.


Effective and secure ways from Quick Response to combat rodents

No need to worry, each problem has an optimal solution … and the optimal solution to the rodent problem is represented by the effective and safe methods provided by our company – quick response-and those methods are:


1 – catching mice 

 One of the effective methods that our company is keen on is the method of catching mice, where a large set of baits is installed and distributed through bait stations as part of the mouse control program for companies.mice can also access rat bait or rodenticide located at the bait station, and this provides an effective solution to the rodent problem. So no need to worry with quick response


2-glue mouse plates

Our company uses high-quality glue plates made of the best adhesive composition available designed to prevent hardening, which can limit the effectiveness; as the glue traps used are non-toxic and safe to use around customers as they are scented with special odors to attract mice, snakes and cockroaches. So no need to worry with quick response


3-sudden mousetraps

 Snap mousetraps are the easiest and fastest treatment for the rat problem as they feature teeth for extra gripping power and an easily accessible food bowl. It has been designed with a specific trigger sensitivity for fast and effective hunting and it also offers a heavy-duty construction to ensure durability.


Effective and secure ways from Quick Response to combat rodents

In general, we can say that the rat and rodent control service is of great importance to get rid of many damages caused by the presence of mice inside your organization, and that importance is as follows:


1-maintaining public health: rodents cause many diseases through the transmission of infection to humans, including dangerous diseases such as foot and mouth disease, leprosy and plague, so rodent control helps to maintain public health and reduce the risk of rodent-borne diseases.


2 – prevention of physical damage: rodents also cause many physical damage, such as damage to electrical wiring and other property, and this can lead to large losses of money and property, rodent control helps to prevent these damages and reduce material losses.


3-maintaining cleanliness and order: the presence of rodents in residential or industrial areas is an annoying factor and affects the quality of life in the area, therefore, rodent control helps to maintain cleanliness and order in the area.


Knowing that companies must comply with health and environmental legislations and laws, and work in accordance with local and international laws and legislations, as in quick response company, which provides its services throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 The most important question still lingers in your mind is how do I guarantee that this service provided will solve the rodent problem to the fullest Therefore, I will mention to you some signs of the quality of our rodent control services, and those signs are summarized in the following:


1-comprehensive problem analysis: the company analyzes the problem comprehensively and accurately, determining the type of rodents, the level of injury and the danger they pose; which helps to design a comprehensive and effective action plan to combat rodents.


2-using modern technologies and products: we use the latest technologies and anti-rodent products, which helps to achieve effective and quick results in combating them, and this is what quick response is characterized by, as the methods include catching mice, mouse glue plates and sudden mousetraps.


3-specialized team: rodent control services depend on the presence of a specialized and well-trained team, which has sufficient experience and skills in the field of rodent control, which helps to provide excellent and effective service, as the Quick Response Team has a team with high efficiency, experience and speed in providing expertise.


4-guarantees and reports: companies specialized in rodent control provide guarantees to customers, and periodic reports showing the results of the service, its effectiveness and impact on rodents.


5-quick response: companies specializing in rodent control should be characterized by quick response to customer requests. Providing round-the-clock service, which helps to achieve effective and quick results in the fight against rodents, which is characterized by Quick Response Company, as it features a 24-hour arrival service.


In general, the presence of a thorough analysis of the problem, the use of modern technologies and products, a competent team, guarantees, reports and quick response, are the main signs that the rodent control service with which you have agreed offers you an excellent and comprehensive service.


  To understand the full picture, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic information about rodents, their life cycle and the damage caused by them.