Flying Insects

Flying insects are a major problem for many businesses and organizations, and require quick and effective solutions. Quick Response Company aims to provide comprehensive solutions for controlling flying insects, offering a range of services to limit the spread of unwanted pests.

Quick Response Company uses the latest technologies and specialized equipment to combat flying insects, with a team of experts in the field. Its services include treatment of floors, walls, ceilings, and other areas in businesses and organizations, as well as offering preventative measures and regular maintenance.

1- Smoke or fumigation

Fumigation and spray treatments involve releasing strong smoke or mist of insecticides into the atmosphere, which penetrates hard-to-reach areas, leading to the death of all flying insects.

2- Very low volume (ULV) chemical treatments

QUICK RESPONSE uses ULV Fogging treatment, which is a highly effective method for controlling flies and other flying insects in both local and commercial environments. This is a relatively new technology that uses light misting, and it is the ideal solution for fly management for indoor use.

3- Baits

A multi-purpose bait formulation for controlling flies in commercial, industrial, and residential areas. Attractants inside the bait lure flies to feed on the treated surfaces, and capture the lethal dose. It is best to use fly bait at the beginning of the warmer seasons before the population peaks. Available in granules or dust form, the fly bait can also be coated onto surfaces when converted to a wettable paste.

4- Fly traps

An effective and non-chemical method of fly control, the fly bag attracts flies with the odor emitted by the safe fly attractant containing the food inside. The fly enters through the small opening on top of the fly bag and is contained inside, unable to escape.