Crawling Insects

The crawling insect control service is one of the most important and most requested services, especially in the summer, and this service is in high demand in restaurants, public places, and food and industrial areas, because of the severe damage it causes to foodstuffs as well as the infrastructure of buildings and facilities. Crawling insects come through small holes in the walls and floors and cause damage to wood and electrical wires, so quick response companies allocate the best ways to exterminate crawling insects without affecting food products and foods to maintain the reputation of the facility that provides its service in front of its customers

Quick response also follows the best scientific methods and systems in the control of pests and harmful insects with the work of control and extermination plans at the lowest costs.

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Services of Quick Response Company 

Quick Response Company offers its services in the field of pest control and harmful insects, which it provides to hotels, restaurants, factories and companies, including these services:


The crawling insects control service is one of the important services to reduce and eliminate their spread in many areas, and this service provides several solutions to combat crawling insects to ensure the reduction of losses resulting from their appearance and the non-spread of diseases resulting from crawling insects, and below we will present the solution to the problem of crawling insects as follows:


The process of spraying pesticides 

One of the ways to eliminate crawling insects so their effect becomes weak in the long run, The floors should not be wiped after spraying until their trace remains and they are eliminated.

Baits or so-called jellies 

One of the most famous ways to eliminate crawling insects are baits in the form of gel or the so-called cockroach paste, they are very effective in killing them and reducing their appearance in the long term, but they are slow to affect, these baits are dangerous to human health and pets, so they should be placed in places that are difficult for children and animals to reach.


 Types of crawling insects and their characteristics

There are an infinite number of crawling insects in nature that differ in their types and shapes, and now we will show some types of insects and information about them and their characteristics, which are as follows:


They are spread everywhere on the Earth’s surface and amount to about 250,000 species, beetles live either on animals or with their larvae on plants, some of which live on paper and are found in abundance at garbage piles, and there are species that live in water.


An insect that has a double-edged weapon, it is useful because it gets rid of harmful worms and harmful because it seizes human food, ants live in tree crevices, holes and in underground burrows.

Ants consist of a number of different castes, they are the Queen, soldiers, winged males and workers, the queen lays eggs, the workers take the eggs and guard and protect them until they hatch and become a full insect, and when the number of ants in a colony increases, a number of males and females begin to leave and form new colonies.



It is a species of small beetles, the number of which reaches 35,000 species, and it is most often found in granaries.


A parasitic insect with a tube in its head sucks blood from mammals, and if a person does not get rid of it as soon as it appears, it will cause him many problems and diseases.

Among the types of lice are poultry lice, White lice, hair lice and mammalian lice, and the lice lays about 10 eggs per day.


It is a parasitic insect divided into two types, Flying type and an aquatic type,  it is a liquid-sucking insect that is the basis of the composition of its body, part of which lives on the blood of animal bodies and another part lives on the juice of plants.


Cockroaches are one of the most famous types of insects that are spread in garbage and are close to the places where humans lives and their main food is dirt.



This species is considered one of the least harmful and dangerous types of insects, it lives in the meadows.


The importance of fighting creeping insects 

Insects of various kinds are a source of inconvenience and a means of infecting people with diseases because of their damage to public health. The problem of crawling insects has become widespread in all places, especially Gardens, for this reason it is necessary to contact with pest control companies to control the problem scientifically and practically.


How to combat insects in food establishments 

  In order to reduce the spread of harmful insects and pests, several environmental health conditions must be followed as preventive methods, but in case of insufficient prevention of these methods, an insect control company should be used to exterminate and eliminate insects. Among the preventive methods that limit the spread of crawling insects some of are the following:


Insects should not be given the opportunity to reproduce by constant hygiene and garbage disposal first.

Getting rid of insect pathogens such as stagnant water.

It should be taken into account when building a facility or a building that is isolated from the outside atmosphere and be built from the inside in such a way that it does not allow it to take shelter of it.

The interior designs of the building are simple in order to be easy to clean.

Extreme care and attention to the cleanliness of toilets and sewage places because it is a fertile environment and a shelter for insects.


 As for the methods of extermination to prevent the spread of creeping insects, they are divided into:


Manual methods


 Some insects are attracted to the light of the electric shocker, so it is eliminated and the device uses a high voltage electric current in order for the device to give impressive results, you must follow the following:

His presence in a place serves to attract insects inside the facility.

Constant checking of the electric shock lamp because it loses its effectiveness with use.

Clean the base of the electroshock device because it is a shelter for dead insects.


Criteria by which to choose an insect and rodent control company

Careful search by means of the web and find out the opinions of customers in companies that advertise their services. 

Find companies that use integrated control services reduce the use of IMP pesticides and companies that use the IPM process provide continuous monitoring.


When you carefully search for the criteria, you will find that quick response is your ideal choice for solving the problem of pests and harmful insects.


Why do our clients prefer to deal with Quick Response Company only 

Constant care for the comfort and satisfaction of customers.

An integrated, specialized and trained team at the highest level.

Advanced equipment and safe materials get rid of insects and pests.

Periodic follow-up after the completion of the extermination plan to ensure that the insects do not return.

Prices do not compare with the quality of the work provided.


Information about Quick Response Company

Quick response company is a company specialized in providing the latest and Best Pest Control Technologies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also provides sterilization, disinfection and maintenance services with a team trained on the highest efficiency to combat and eliminate insects using licensed and safe pesticide spraying products.


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